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Field Sunset

About Me

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. I received my M.A from Antioch University in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Spiritual and Depth Psychology. I work collaboratively with a full range of folx (adults, adolescents, pre-teens) and I treat trauma related disorders, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ+ folx, identity formation and exploration, navigating relationships and grief and loss.

I have experience in a number of settings including: working in school based mental health throughout Los Angeles, working with youth aging out of the foster care system in community mental health and working with adults in private practice and through the American Film Institute. 

Through having a background in Theatre Arts and Studio Art I incorporate creativity into my practice through experiential techniques focused on mindfulness, movement/body oriented work exploring how we form patterns and create structural narratives.

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My Approach

Therapy provides a space to engage in a unique relationship which explores the inner universe of the self. I provide a compassionate, humorous, creative space to support client’s growth and teach them how to tap into their inner strengths, wisdom, and courage. I work relationally and collaboratively with my clients and frequently check in about our relationship and welcome feedback on the how the process is effecting them. 

 I am a mind-body-spirit therapist trained in depth psychology, Jungian psychology, Somatics and mindfulness and meditation. My approach focuses on slowing down and becoming present with what is happening in our lived experience internally and externally in the here and now. Additionally I work with spirituality exploration, dream analysis, art, music, and traditional talk therapy leading clients into a greater understanding of themselves and practicing new ways of being creating lasting change.

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